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NOVEMBER---Keys from Dr. Sebi

DVD: NOVEMBER---Keys from Dr. Sebi

NOVEMBER---Keys from Dr. Sebi


NOVEMBER---Keys from Dr. Sebi

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***Dr. Sebi--Natural Herbalist & Pathologist***

Dr. Sebi's most beautiful, profound message is captured in this DVD production entitled: NOVEMBER.

Over 70,000 people have viewed the Precursor to this message…Now its time for mankind to receive THE MESSAGE eloquently delivered by Dr. Sebi himself. NOVEMBER offers a wealth of knowledge in the subject of Health, Cures and Self-Healing. NO DISEASE CAN LIVE IN AN ALKALINE BODY.  

A must have DVD. It offers the Keys that opens the door to Perfect Health for many generations to come.  

***NOVEMBER ---Dr. Sebi's most cherished month.