pyramid quartz charm

pyramid quartz charm



quartz is a stone of light, known as the master healer/the “rock stone” + can be used for almost any metaphysical purpose. it stores, releases, + regulates physical, mental, + spiritual energies. it balances + opens chakras, heals, expands consciousness + can be used in conjunction with any other healing stone to amplify intention + cleanse. the magic of the stone lies in its ability to “remember” + hold the pattern of energy long enough + strong enough for manifestation to occur.

this piece is special. bare copper + brass uniquely twist around this pyramid quartz + is held by an adjustable black cord. for preservation it is suggested to store out of sunlight + clean with a jewelry cloth or gently with soap + water.

//all pieces are hand crafted using wire wrapping technique + artisanal skill. variation in color + appearance may occur due to the raw nature of the crystal + metal, along with dents + nicks from hammers or pliers used.

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