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CLASSIC Sneakers

A SOLE PURPOSE…where the story begins

Unisex: 1 US Youth

100% Sustainable | 100% Artistic | 100% One-of-a-Kind

ABOUT THE ART Titled: ©Capoeira from Brazil  Inspiration:  CAPOEIRA || Kindly gifted by Eb5 International Art Gallery

IMPORTANT NOTE *Measure Youth’s foot in inches from heel to the top of your longest toe. *Look at the Sizing Chart and take note of the column that reads Inches located on the left. *Find Youth’s size in Inches. Place your finger on Youth’s size in Inches and move it up to the column that reads US size. This size will be Youth’s exact fit. *From there, use your discretion as to whether you would like to go up a half size for added comfort.

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tsoL Eco-friendly shoes serve as a mission to provide sustainable footwear by using 100% re-used materials. We like to consider our products as a fuse of earth + art that reduces textile waste + pollution while embracing the artistic ability of recreation. 

From our usage of non toxic dyes, refurbished tire soles, maguey plant + cotton based treads, we give you a product that is one of a kind, like you.

To be lost is to wander, but to be found is tsoL. #foundbytsoL #tsoLapparel

***Spread more beauty + reduce more waste by planting the biodegradable seed paper that comes with every shoe purchased.