Everybody Feels an International Vibe Experience 


It all started when…

Eb5 (Est. 2004) was born as a vision housed in a two story 1,000 feet art gallery that served as a stimulus to jazz and poetry nights complimented by international art pieces and global cuisine. It was a venue to celebrate the love of creativity in all of its forms. It was the vision of T'Mculus' Soul, an artist who defines Art by the elements of vision, sound, movement, and through the expression of fashion.

With the evolution of his artistry, travels, and lifestyle; tsoL_apparel was birthed. It incorporated a desire to create an idea for fashion that reflected the art of earth; clothing apparel that displayed unique personal paintings and a repurposed shoe made of tire soles, plants, vibrant low impact dyes, and are made to be distinctively original. 

tsoL_apparel's LOGO ( 失われた ): The name tsoL derives from the word Lost spelled backwards. The usage of Japanese letters for the spelling of Lost are perfect...perfect because of the spirit of the brand tsoL_apparel. Its a divine representation of the tranquility experienced by the artist while living in Japan. The Feng Shui, zen gardens, ancient temples and the cleanliness of the cities inspired T'Mculus to be precise as an artist and to incorporate these elements into the design of tsoL_apparel. 

Eb5arts.com is now a cultivation of pop-up shops, art exhibitions, and cyber experiences that showcase tsoL_apparel  along with the works of other creators/visionaries who share the same universal likeness to produce great artwork.